Recipe Inspiration: 15 Thanksgiving Recipes

Today is officially two weeks before Thanksgiving! It’s by far my favorite meal of the year. I’m a fan of very traditional recipes for the turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Outside of that, I’m always game for new Thanksgiving recipes…but don’t mess with the stuffing forgoodnesssakes.

Because of that, you’ll notice I didn’t include any turkey or stuffing recipes in my list. I think stuffing is a very personal decision, and I’ll let you decide what version(s) to make. My favorite is whatever my mom and grandma do – which is a combination of unseasoned and seasoned bread cubes, cream of celery soup, sautéed veggies, stock, and seasonings. I think. I’ve never successfully made it, so I can’t say for sure.

Don't be intimidated by homemade apple butter. If you have a bunch of apples, a slow cooker, and a few hours, you can easily make a batch!

What I can say, is this green bean casserole is the bee’s knees, although I cheated and used canned crispy onions last year.

For variety, another green bean casserole recipe. Sometimes I like to shop around and compare my options.

I’ve always wanted to make panzanella, and I think this fall version sounds like the perfect place to start. But swap the goat cheese for some feta, kthanks.

This harvest salad is one of my favorite salads, and I love any excuse to eat it. The homemade candied nuts (so simple, I promise!) put it over-the-top.

Sweet potato casserole is one of my favorites, and I modify Ree’s version for every holiday it’s acceptable to eat it. Basically…cut the sugar and butter way down, and swap the pecans for oats. Oh, and add marshmallows on top at the end because that’s the best part of sweet potato casserole.

While we’re talking about sides, how much fun does acorn squash with burrata and pomegranate sound? (All I really needed to hear was ‘burrata’).

For one of the easiest homemade Thanksgiving recipes ever, see: homemade cinnamon applesauce. You can make it ahead and it keeps well in the freezer. And it’s practically impossible to mess up.

For another of the easiest Thanksgiving recipes: roasted broccoli. Because sometimes you just need to add something green to the plate…maybe spice it up with a little extra olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

It isn’t Thanksgiving unless there are mashed potatoes. Again, I like variety so check out this recipe and this other recipe. They’re similar, so that’s a good sign for deliciousness!

I’m not one to mix sweet and savory, aka I never use cranberry sauce, but I might be convinced by this one that has bourbon and vanilla in it. I mean…it has bourbon in it. We should at least give it a try.

If you’re a traditionalist, the bread you serve is very important…it has to soak up all the gravy. I’m pretty tempted to try these flaky rolls because it’s like a biscuit mixed with a roll. I like the pull-apart-layer idea.

A batch of slow cooker apple butter would be perfect on those rolls, come to think of it…and it makes your house smell uh-may-zing.

If you’re less traditional, I’m living vicariously through you and recommending these garlic bread “cinnamon” rolls. Because my mind is blown by them and I’m obsessed.

Maybe I should have started here, but we need a cocktail, right?! A cranberry and Scotch cocktail sounds like just the thing.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? Send them my way, I’m clearly always looking for new ones to check out!

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