Recipe Inspiration: 15 Thanksgiving Desserts

In last week’s post with 15 Thanksgiving recipes, you might have noticed one important food group missing: dessert. I didn’t forget dessert, friends! I knew the post would get out of control pretty quickly, so I decided Thanksgiving desserts deserved their own post. You’re welcome.

Now, don’t think this is going to just be full of pies. If I’m being honest, I actually don’t really like pie. It’s one of the few desserts that I can pass up when it’s in the break room at work…unless it’s pumpkin. In which case I will finish it. But I tried to get a variety of options, just in case there are any others out there who don’t love pie. (Please tell me you exist…I can’t be the only one.)

I think I don’t like most pies because of the crust. It’s just…boring. But. You guys. Joy the Baker makes a pie crust with buttermilk instead of water, and it actually tastes like something. I have to experiment more, but this crust could make me like pies. I’ll let you know.

Although most people pair pumpkin with cream cheese, this maple buttercream is the perfect frosting for pumpkin cupcakes! It's creamy and decadent, but only requires four ingredients. There's no reason to use store-bought frosting when it's so easy to make this homemade buttercream from scratch.


Obviously, pumpkin desserts are required. How about a marbled chocolate cheesecake pumpkin pie? The best of both worlds.

I’m obsessed with The Great Pumpkin Pie. I make it every single year. Sally is my favorite (It sounds like I know her. I don’t.) and because she is the best, she also made a slab pumpkin pie version so there are pumpkin pie leftovers forever and ever amen. (It says the slab pie feeds a crowd. I guess two is a crowd when one of you loves this pumpkin pie so much?)

I’ll calm down about the pumpkin, but just for a hot second because this cinnamon swirl pumpkin cake is made in one bowl with just a whisk, and everyone goes nuts for it. We’re too busy to wait for butter to come to room temperature, it’s Thanksgiving!

If you’re in the same boat but looking for something that you can make look a little prettier, how about pumpkin cupcakes with maple buttercream? It’s basically the same recipe as the cake above, but in cupcake for with beautifully piped buttercream. And sprinkles. Especially if you have Thanksgiving sprinkles.

Indulgent desserts are totally expected on Thanksgiving, so let’s try a pumpkin s’mores cake, shall we?

Cinnamon apple coffee cake has all the flavors of fall, plus a ton of crumble topping! It's the perfect Thanksgiving breakfast.


Is apple pie boring? Is it more exciting if we add cranberries? And a crumble topping, because we can. This apple cranberry crumble pie knows where it’s at.

If there are just a couple of you, how about making mini apple pies for two? Apple pie is definitely not boring if it’s mini.

If you can get past the photos, this Dutch apple pie is also not boring. I’ve been meaning to reshoot it, but life keeps getting in the way. So, let’s grab some mulled apple wine and have a good laugh at my photography “skills” from yesteryear.

I promised these wouldn’t all be pie, so how about a cinnamon apple crumble coffee cake? This would also make an amazing Thanksgiving breakfast with a giant cup of coffee to reward yourself for getting up early to start the turkey.


How decadent does this chocolate buttermilk espresso cake look? I’m legit drooling.

Full honesty: I might skip the walnuts, but these Turkish coffee brownies look amazing. I’ve never used cardamom, and this seems like the perfect recipe to start with.

Ree is the queen of decadent desserts, so I think we should trust her with our chocolate pie needs. Obviously.

These Pilgrim hats are sure to be the hit of your Thanksgiving celebration! Kids or adults, everyone is guaranteed to love them...and they're so simple to make. Click to find out how!

Quick and Easy

How adorable are these little chocolate acorns? These would be perfect in small dishes around the table.

Also…pilgrim hats for the win. (I know, it looks like the whole post is about witch hats. Keep scrolling.)

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