Recipe Inspiration 2

Another week, another recipe inspiration post! Did this week feel very long to anyone else? It was pretty busy here…full of cool things like trivia and family parties. We’re seeing this guy and his brother this weekend, which I’m pretty excited about. Maybe that’s why the week felt so long – because we had a fun weekend to look forward to.

Apple Picking

Something about the cooler weather makes me want to stay in the kitchen and make a ton of meals to stock our freezer with. I love the idea of making chicken enchiladas a little more exciting by adding beans.

We have some last-minute tomatoes from our garden, and I’ve been on a huge salty kick lately, so I think this Mediterranean kale salad might make for some tasty lunches.

Banana muffins are the best, and I think adding Nutella to them is a wonderful idea.

We use our smoker a tonnnn when the weather is cooler, and I think we’ll have to proof a batch of cinnamon rolls in there soon. (You can still make these without a smoker, too.)

I made these chocolate chip cookies for my nephews this weekend. It’s my favorite cookie recipe, probably because I don’t need to let butter come to room temperature. (You can also see the dough in the photos from my recent photo shoot!)

Adult lunchables for the win. Do I even need to say anything else?!

I’ve never made a shrub, let-alone had one in a drink. But I think a bourbon apple cider shrub cocktail sounds like the perfect excuse to give it a try, don’t you?

It’s slow cooker weather and comfort weather, so let’s make chicken parmesan in the slow cooker.

Speaking of slow cookers, have you ever made an overnight breakfast casserole in one? What recipe did you use? I really want to give this a try, but all of the recipes I saw only take a couple hours…and I would love one that goes all night (which is kind of the point, right???)

If you’re in Pittsburgh, have you been to Casellula yet? How is it? The menu looks amazing, but wine and cheese are the perfect pair. I think it’s next on my list to try.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have Monday off and are doing things like home projects and cooking and baking and spending time with people you love.

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