Halloween Recipe Inspiration

Every year I want to have an all-out amazing Halloween party…and every year, I never do. Confession: I haven’t even dressed up or gone to a party at all the past couple years. But! One day, I will have a fantastic Halloween party – and I will keep gathering Halloween recipes until that day.

I have to admit, I’ve been happy to stay in and hand out candy these past few years. We never had many trick-or-treaters growing up, and I was always out trick-or-treating anyway. I was strangely excited about getting trick-or-treaters when we moved to a neighborhood with more kids. I wish I could hand out homemade treats because I would obviously make the most kick-ass sweets. So, I’m going to share the incredible Halloween recipes I’m stockpiling until I either have a party or have my own kids to make these for.

Hocus Pocus is basically the best Halloween movie ever, and these Hocus Pocus brownies are basically my new life goal.

I love the idea of making spooky candy skewers – they would be so much fun to make with kids.

A couple weeks ago, I made three different easy Halloween cupcakes – jack’o’lanterns, pumpkin patches, and owls (my favorite of the bunch!).

They’re not sweet, but these Halloween deviled eggs would be a perfect party appetizer. Can I also recommend making smoked deviled eggs into those Halloween eggs?

I love these chocolate dipped Halloween apple rings, and caramel apple slices would also be fun.

Everyone likes chex mix, and Halloween chex mix is even better. Obvi.

These witches hats are sure to be the hit of your Halloween party! Kids or adults, everyone is guaranteed to love them...and they're so simple to make. Click to find out how!

One of my favorite Halloween treats growing up were these witches hats my mom would make. They take me straight back to my childhood.

Chocolate covered Oreos are one of life’s best desserts, especially if they’re as cute as these ones.

What are your favorite Halloween treats??

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