Recipe Inspiration

I had an amazing post planned for today all about making smoked pizza…and my free photo-editing software decided to get rid of their free option. Ahem. So. I’ve been thinking about starting a series to share recipes to help with meal planning inspiration and figured this was the perfect time to start! You know, while I scramble to get my photo-editing act together.

Although most people pair pumpkin with cream cheese, this maple buttercream is the perfect frosting for pumpkin cupcakes! It's creamy and decadent, but only requires four ingredients. There's no reason to use store-bought frosting when it's so easy to make this homemade buttercream from scratch.

Recipe Inspiration

I firmly believe that s’mores can be eaten even if summer is over, and one look at these cookies supports my argument.

Pesto + burrata + pasta seems like the perfect meal to transition to fall.

I’m trying to make at least one vegetarian meal a week, and quinoa-“meat” tacos look like a great place to start.

Lately, I haven’t been on the healthy-eating train, so I think it’s time for a batch of skinny chicken salad.

I’ve had cornmeal muffins with berries, but I’ve never made cornmeal pancakes…so it’s probably time to up my breakfast game.

Speaking of breakfast: if we make garlic bread shaped like cinnamon rolls, is it acceptable to eat them with every meal? Also, I’m now obsessed with the idea of making savory “cinnamon” rolls, even though it’s basically a pinwheel or rollup, which I’ve known about forever. But let’s call them cinnamon rolls, please?

Is it slow cooker soup weather yet? It should be, because I’m ready for a big bowl of cauliflower soup.

I’ve never tried the whole chickpea-as-a-snack thing, but adding chili and lime might convince me.

Fall is the perfect time to cook out on the smoker, and this pulled pork is perfect for football entertaining.

We can’t forget a cocktail…how about September sangria? I’m sure it’s okay to drink in October and November, too.

And let’s be honest, it’s not fall until there are pumpkin cupcakes. Especially if they come with maple buttercream. (PS: these are in the picture above, and I think it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever taken. So excited about that sprinkle action!!)

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