Happy Hour

Hey, guys! What’s going on? I wanted to post something this week…but I’m seriously lacking in energy and motivation. Jet lag is rough! So, I thought we should grab drinks and sit and chat for happy hour. I’m drinking a Sprecher Hard Root Beer as I’m typing this…what are you drinking?

(PS, if you like root beer and you’ve never tried hard root beer, do it. Go to the store now and buy it and try it. I’ve tried a few, and Sprecher’s is my favorite. Not sponsored. Also can’t remember the names of the others I’ve tried. Not Your Father’s Root Beer? Coney Island Root Beer? Something like that.)

Now that you’ve ignored my ramblings and grabbed a drink, let’s catch up. If you read last week’s post, you know I was just in Paris and London with my sister. We wanted to have a girls trip before she graduates and enters The Real World, and I found AMAZING deals on flights.

We were there for about three days and had a 23 hour layover in London, which isn’t nearly enough time. I’ll be writing posts about our trip with all the details, so keep an eye out for those. So much food! So much sight-seeing between eating everything we possibly could! It was so much fun.

But, can we get real for a second? Does anyone else get the post-vacation-blues? I don’t know if it’s the jet-lag or what, but they’ve hit hard this week. It probably didn’t help that we got back late Sunday night and I was back at work on Monday. I just want to be doing fun things like traveling or baking or biking, and instead…I’m stuck at work. #firstworldproblems

Luckily, we have a fun weekend coming up. We’re having hubs’ family over on Sunday, and we’re making a Mexican feast. I wasn’t home for Cinco de Mayo, one of my favorite food holidays, so I thought I should make up for it. We know we’re having smoked pulled pork tacos, but we’re still working out the rest of the details. Do you have any recipe suggestions? Please send them my way!

So, that’s what’s going on in my life. Tell me what’s going on in yours! Do you have plans for Mother’s Day? Are you planning any trips? Or just basking in having no plans? I want to hear from you! <3

The photos in this post were from a trip to Paris and London back in 2014. I don’t have my act together with this trip’s photos yet, so I thought these would satisfy in the meantime 🙂

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